Announcing Boxing Day Bargain Bundles - for sale Christmas Day!

Richard Brown

Here at the Nottingham Robot Company, we like boxing day sales.

In fact, we like them so much ours is starting on Christmas day. Just to be clever. To be even more clever, we're putting different spin on it, with Boxing Day Bargain Bundles! These are themed sets of Transformers, with a discount. These include:

Impetuous, Turbo-Revving Punks £15
(Hot Rod & Bumblebee)

Legacy Headmasters £31
(Hardhead, Wolfwire and NightBeat)

Phase Sixers! £90
(Overlord and Six Shot)

Titanmaster 5 Pack £20
(Crashbash, Loudmouth, Nightbeat, Overboard & Sky Tread)

RID Autobots £55
(Power Surge Prime, Bumblebee, Strongarm and Grimlock)

Weird and wonderful RID! £41
(Bludgeon, Thermidor &Twinferno)

Find them by clicking the “Boxing Day Bargain Bundles” button on the menu, or here.

These bundles are only available from 12AM 25/12/17 to 10PM 26/12/17 UK time. Prices do not included postage & packaging.

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