Back in black: Evil Rodimus & wave 1 POTP Legends in stock

Richard Brown

We have two types of toys to highlight for you today. First off the big ones!

Back in black, its Rodimus Unicronus £50!

Back in, well, exactly the same colours as before, the Studio Series leaders!

Grimlock  £50!
Blackout £50!

And finally, much delayed, the Power of the Primes, wave 1 legends! You may remember how we go Roadslash & Battletrap in early? Well, these are the guys we thought we were getting. Yes, this state of affairs confused us too.

Beachcomber £13!
Windcharger £13!
Slash (likes the song "Back in Black") £13!
Skrapnel £12!

Please take a look.

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