Happy Halloween!

Richard Brown

We don't know about you, but we find Halloween to be the most fun of the popular public holidays. Obviously there are other holidays that involve industrial amounts of sweeties, dressing up, and parties, but life's no fun without a good scare. It did however creep up on us this year, which is only appropriate, we suppose....


With this in mind, we've decided to drop the prices of our two scariest items. One looks a dude wearing the winning costume at your Halloween party. The other appears to be screaming. Forever. Trapped in a prison of plastic and card.


POTP Leige Maximo was £6.50, now £3.50!
TR Nightbeat was £3.50, now £1!


And just as a reminder, we also have that new Might Muggs section. Should you like to more adorable forms of Halloween.

Optimus Prime, £10.50
Megatron, £10.50
Bumblebee, £10.50
Starscream, £10.50

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