Introducing the Studio Series

Richard Brown

This may shock you, but we've had the live action films for a decade. Makes us feel old, we don't know about you? As such, have the following Studio Series toys in.

Grimlock (AKA Big Grim) £50.
Blackout (AKA get to the choppa) £50.
Optimus Prime £32.
Starscream £32.

We have also received POTP Grimlock (AKA Modestly Big Grim) £25.

We've also started dropped prices on a whole bunch of stuff

POTP Jazz, was £17, now £14.50!

TR Wolfwire was £16, now £15!
TR Sergeant Kup was £16, now £15!
TR Hardhead was £18, now £15!
TR Seaspray was £12, now £9.50!
TR Six Shot was £35, now £30!

While its been at this price for a while, we're just gonna remind you that TR Bumblebee is £5.

And finally, on the RID front, we've slashed the prices on a majority of the remaining warriors.

Bumblebee, Grimlock, Strongarm, Twinferno, & Power Surge Optimus Prime, were £15 each, now £10 each!

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