Presenting Transformers Mighty Muggs!

Richard Brown

Now for something completely different.

While we are OF COURSE working tirelessly to source more POTP (& Seige) toys, we've decided to move a little bit out of our comfort zone in the meantime. Presenting MIghty Muggs Transformers, adorable little, non-transforming collectables. These darling lovable cuties feature a face switching gimmick, activated by pressing the top of their heads. Specifically, we have 4 legacy characters in endearing form:

Optimus Prime, £10.50!
Megatron, £10.50!
Bumblebee, £10.50!
Starscream, £10.50!

And just to restate, we're taking a little holiday soon. We will be away from the 12th to the 14th of October, and thus will not be dispatching orders or responding to messages during that time.

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