Spring cleaning!

Richard Brown

As it will soon be Spring, and thus the end of the tax year, we are having a bit of a stock clear-out. We've dropped prices on a bunch of stuff, and we would like it very much if you gave us some money in exchange for these toys.

Starting with the Power of the Prime toys.

Now £25, Roadtrap and Battleslash set
Now £12, Tailgate
Now £17, Jazz
Now £18, Dreadwind
Now £6.50 each, Vector Prime, Leige Maximo, & Micronus

We have many RID toys still in.

Now £30, Menasor
Now £15 each, Bumblebee, Strongarm, Grimlock, Power Surge Optimus Prime & Twinferno

And a few Titans Return toys have been priced downwards.

Now £12, Seaspray.
Now £16 each, Wolfwire & Kup.
Now £35, Six Shot.

We hope this of interest to you ;)

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