Summer Price Drops

Richard Brown

As summer approaches, with the theoretical possibility of sunlight, we've noticed that our stock cupboard is on the full side. As our accountant tells us this is a bad thing, we've dropped prices on a bunch of stuff.

First off, the highlights.

Autobot Jazz, was £14.50, now £9.50!
Terrorcon Rippersnapper, was £20, now £17!
Evolution Optimus Prime, was £50, now £41!

The following items are also marked down.

Evolution Rodimus Prime, was £48, now £40!
Dreadwind, was £18, now £16.50!
POTP Skrapnel, was £12, now £10!
TR Sargeant Kup, was £15, now £12!
TR Hardhead, was £15, now £12!

Grab yourself a bargain.

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