Tiny dudes, tinier prices

Richard Brown

As you may have noticed, we are now in November. Yes, it is now the long march to Crimbo and the holiday season. As such, we've decided to reduce the prices on a bunch of our older and smaller stock. So if you need stockfillers, conversion fodder, or just modest plastic fix, we have you covered. For your consideration:

POTP Vector Prime, was £6.50, now £3.50!
POTP Micronus, was £6.50, now £3.50!
TR Ptero, was £6, now £3!
TR Overboard, was £6, now £3!
TR Terri-Bull, was £8, now £3!
TR Crashbash, was £4, now £3!
TR Loudmouth, was £4, now £3!

And just to remind you, we recently marked down these items also.

POTP Leige Maximo
was £6.50, now £3.50!
TR Nightbeat was £3.50, now £1!

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